De Leidse Fles

Champagne- and Wine Import

De Leidse Fles supplies exceptionally tasteful Champagnes and Wines from mostly small, independent houses. These houses have often been in the hands of families for decades and therefore often bear the family name.

De Leidse Fles

Champagne- and Wine Import

Pride, passion and love for the product and the region, in combination with years of experience in making wine, are essential elements for producing high-quality Champagnes and Wines. This excellent quality is often tastier than most Champagnes and Wines of the famous big brands that you can buy in the Netherlands. Furthermore, these Champagnes and Wines are very pleasantly priced because these houses do not spend any capital on marketing and overhead.

The Leidse Fles originated from a group of friends who met on the football field some 25 years ago. Multiple championships were celebrated with Bubbels.

After a first introduction to Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) Champagne and a number of visits to large and small Champagne houses, the enthusiasm and passion for this “Royal” wine was born with us (Fred Pet and Richard Onstenk).

During one of the many visits to the Champagne region, De Leidse Fles was reinvented and later expanded with beautiful wineries.

De Leidse Fles

…invented in Leiden

De Leidse Fles (The Leiden Bottle) was already invented in Leiden in 1746 by Pieter van Musschenbroeck, professor of physics at the University of Leiden. This Leiden Bottle is the first type of capacitor, a method for storing electrical charge (resulting in bubbles) in water. De Leidse Fles can be seen in Museum Boerhaave in Leiden.

As true Leiden residents, we have set ourselves the goal of promoting champagne in The Netherlands through De Leidse Fles Champagne- and Wine Import, and allowing the bubbles to “sparkle” again in the Leiden region! We also want to draw attention to Wines with a story.



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