Champagne houses

Champagne is the most famous sparkling wine made according to the traditional method. The wine is named after the AOC region (Appellation d’Origine Contrólée) in northern France.

De Leidse Fles supplies extremely tasteful Champagnes from small and medium-sized, independent wineries. These wineries have often been in the hands of families with their own vineyards for decades and in many cases therefore bear the family name.

Pride, passion and love for the product and the region, in combination with generally many years of experience in making wines, are essential elements for producing high-quality Champagne. This often even excellent quality is often tastier than most Champagnes of the well-known large commercial brands that you can buy in the Netherlands.

In fact, what many do not know, is that these big brands buy the lesser parts of the pressing (the waist) of these relatively small wineries in order to meet their own growing demand. Naturally, the small wineries use the “Coeurs de Cuvée”, the best of the best for their own Champagnes.

Apart from the often better quality, the Champagnes of the small “unknown” Champagne houses are very pleasantly priced because these houses do not spend any capital on marketing and overhead.

Le choix t’appartient! (the choice is yours!)

For us, that choice is clear, we go for the very affordable excellent quality of an independent Champagne house. At De Leidse Fles we would like to introduce this “Indépendante Maison de Champagne” to you.

Discover which Champagne suits your life .., The Champagne experience start with De Leidse Fles!



The most prestigious Champagne house that runs De Leidse Fles.

J.M. Gobillard et Fils

Brings the city of Leiden and Dom Perignon together via the birthplace of Champagne; Hautvillers.

Le Brun Severnay

A pearl in the Cote de Blanc located in the Grand Cru village of Avize.


Is the oldest Champagne house in the Leidse Fles range; founded in 1896.