Collard – Picard

Maison Collard-Picard
Privatelly owned Grower- Producer champagne house

Champagne Collard-Picard was founded in 1996, building on the know-how passed through the families of Olivier Collard and Caroline Picard. Maison Collard-Picard is steered according to uncompromising standards in matters of quality. With diplomas in viticulture-oenology, Olivier and Caroline Collard-Picard farm 15 hectares using rational pest control.

Faithfull to the values embodied by Caroline and Olivier, quality is the absolute objective of Maison Collard-Picard. Quality is therefore the byword, rather than the quantity, for the delectation of true champagne lovers.

More than a family history; a true passion

Maison Collard-Picard draws its distinctive character from the history of two Champagne families which, since 1889, have farmed two noble terroirs: the Vallée de la Marne for the Collard branch and the Côte des Blance for the Picard branch. You cannot be born into the Champagne country without being imbued with the sap of its grapevines. For Maison Collard-Picard, this has seeped down through two centuries, from generation to generation. It expresses the ancestral know-how of artisans who have charted the course of a genuine passion. These are four generations, therefore, which – in the service of quality – have passed on. Each to the next, the know-how involved in producing exceptional champagne.


Uniting the Côte des Blancs with the Vallée de la Marne

Collard-Picard champagnes acquire their magnificence from the prestigious terroir of the Côte des Blancs (Le Mesnil-sur-Oger), where Chardonnay reigns supreme. The Chardonnay is responsible for the delicacy and freshness of the wine, mixed with the nobility and authenticity of the vineyards of the Vallée de la Marne which, for their part, express all the power and complexity of the Pinot Noir and Meunier grape varieties. Truly in tune with Nature. In order to undertsnad and  sublimate it, Olivier and Caroline coax it along by way of daily ministrations and an approach that is as natural as possible (tillage, grass cover etc.).

Subtle alliance between Tradition and Modernity

Every winter, memory, intuition and experience are combined in an act of creation that is unceasingly renewed: The Blending. To the ancestral method handed down by their forebears (aging the wines in oak barrels and sealing with cork upon bottling), Olivier and Caroline have added the requisite touch of modernity (thermoregulation of the vats and air-conditioning of the cellars).

Collard-Picard cuvées express the best yesteryear associated with the quest for contemporary perfection. The true connoisseur, on the lookout for subtle and varied sensations, will find satisfaction in every glass. Finesse and elegance, fruitiness, diversity and the generosity of the Champagne terroir are all expressed in liquid allegory.