Cuvée Prestige Essentiel 2012 Vintage (Non dosage)

from 82,99

Cuvée Prestige Essentiel 2012 Vintage (Non dosage)

from 82,99

Collard – Picard

  • Style Vintage 2012, Prestige, Non dosage
  • Vol. 0,75 ltr, 1,5 ltr

Champagne Collard – Picard

Cuvée Prestige Essentiel 2012 Vintage (Non dosage)

Considering the rich body of this millésime, I decided against the chaptalization and dosage of this cuvée, making Essentiel 2010 a champagne with no added sugar. This keeps it closer to nature, to its terroir, free of artifice. To enable the exceptional blossoming of its flavours, I left it to rest for an extra two years after disgorging, following aging in the cellar. When opening, you will therefor find a small cork which  attests to this long waiting period, and does nothing to alter the quality of the champagne. No need for long speeches. Let’s cut to the chase with Essentiel 2012!

Olivier Collard

Blend ratio: 50% Chardonnay, 25% Pinot Meunier, 25% Pinot Noir

2019 Gilbert & Gaillard Rating 95/100
2019 Decanter Rating Silver 91 points
2019 International Wine Challenge Gold

To serve:
It is impossible to really taste an ice-cold wine. Champagne should therefore be served at a temperature between 6 ° and 10 ° C.
More to the lower limit of this range for the Non-Vintage Champagnes and more to the upper limit for the Vintage Champagnes.
You can achieve this temperature by placing the bottle, which comes from a cellar with a temperature of 10 ° to 15 ° C, in a cooling bucket filled with ice and water for 20 minutes. At a temperature of 6 to 9 ° C,
not only the odor and taste is at its best, but the pressure of the carbon dioxide has decreased to 1 atmosphere.
This makes it easier to open the bottle without spilling.

You can also put the bottle of champagne in the fridge but this no longer than 10 days. In any case, place the bottle in the least cold part of the refrigerator.
Is the bottle not completely empty? No problem ! Some people think you should drink a bottle of champagne completely empty!
You can simply close the bottle of champagne with a cork and then keep the bottle in the fridge for 24 hours without any problems.
With a special champagne cap it is even possible to keep the champagne sparkling for a few days.

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0,75 ltr, 1,5 ltr


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