More than a historical story, a Myth ..

Champagne Trouillard is one of the oldest champagne houses since it was founded in 1896 by the extraordinary will of one man: Lucien Trouillard.

At the very young age of 17 he acquires the basics of the craft at a Champagne house located in Pierry. In parallel, Lucien Trouillard produced a first edition of 1500 bottles; Before 1896, that was a world-class achievement.

It is 1919, just after the war, when Lucien Trouillard becomes responsible for the trade, sale and distribution of the company ‘The Sparnacian Wine’. Ultimately, that house reaches a volume of 50,000 bottles

Lucien Trouillard devoted his life to work and expertise so that “his house” excels in finesse and elegance. The generations that followed have always preserved and guarded these values ​​and family traditions.

In 2006, the Champagne House Trouillard, which always strives for the highest attainable, decides to enter into a partnership with a renowned (Champagne) family with the same qualitative traditions located in Hautvillers to continue the great adventure of Lucien Trouillard.

The Champagne House Trouillard continues to evolve and is;

– Present in many countries
– Recognized by the press
– Valued by connoisseurs and enthusiasts
– Synonymous for festivity and cheerfulness

That’s where all the elegance and finesse of a big brand …

Lucien Trouillard would be proud!

The Leidse Fles is proud to be able to offer this ancient Champagne house.

Trouillard more than a Champagne, an exception .. !!